The rooms

Our rooms are spacious and clean.
We have rooms with king beds, queen beds, and also many rooms with 2 queen beds.
Most rooms have refrigerators and microwave ovens.
Room rates start from $51 pr night.

Spacious room with 2 queen beds

We have free wireless internet available.
Free coffee and a pastry is available in the office from 7 am.

Single bed room
Norway Theme room
The Norwegian Room has murals from actual places in Norway. You can see the Troll in the corner, and various other details.

Harley Theme room
The owner is a dedicated HOG member, and uses her Harley as often as time allow. There obviously had to be a Harley room.


John Wayne theme room
This room is full of John Wayne history.
See more details here

All John Wayne memorabilia has been donated by Bart Dalmasso.


US Marines Room
This room was created by a Stagecoach guest with pride. John Jolly, a marine, was active in the Vietnam era. The guestbook shows other guests appreciation for this room.

Marilyn Monroe Room
Ready for some romance? Stay with the ambience of Marilyn!

Tropical Room
Hungry for a night under the palms?