As you might know after reading our Route 66's page, Route 66 is born in Seligman. Angel Delgadillo was to a large extent responsible for the start of Route 66 historic status.  
    Seligman is full of quaint stores and eateries. We have most the necessities of life and quite a lot of small town romance.
We can advise you where to have your breakfast or other meal in town. Inquire at the motel office!    
  For the best coffee in town and web-surfing right there with your coffee, stop by the Seligman Sundries!
Seligman is full of views you wouldn't expect - take some time for viewing!    
    Have you ever seen so many vintage cars in strange surroundings?
Outside the Rusty Bolt you can see manequins dressed in fashions of days long gone by.    
    The Snow Cap, owned and operated by the Delgadillo familiy.
Great Scenery close by  
  Take a trip to a gorgeous sunset in Grand Canyon